At nue lingerie, we aim to create long lasting pieces that feel soft to the touch. To achieve that, we only design with resistant and comfortable fabrics.

Below you'll find a short glossary introducing out favourite fibers and weaves. We aim to add Recycled Econyl Fabrics.



Nylon is an extremely strong, elastic fiber that has been popular in women’s lingerie and stockings since the 1930s. It is lightweight and feels second skin. It is breathable, resists stains and is very durable. 


Lycra, or spandex, is a high stretch / high recovery fiber. It is often used in high performance activewear, swimwear and performance wear. It is woven and knit with other fibers to increase their stretch.


Silk is the strongest and most hypoallergenic natural fiber. It helps adjust temperature and humidity. It is delicate and soft to the touch.




Mesh is a net fabric made of soft elastic thread. It is breathable and lightweight.


Plumetis is a fine fabric that is woven with a dot pattern. It was a popular fabric in the 1930s and 1940s.


Chiffon is a lightweight, plain woven, sheer fabric. The twist in the crepe yarn gives it a bit of stretch and durability.