At nue, we are constantly inspired by drive, beauty and art.
So we feel so lucky to be able to adorn the bodies of creative and stunning women across the world.

Our Folies collection has been worn by the likes of 

supermodel fashion influencer inka williams blogger lingerie
- Inka Williams, super model, founder of She Is I and all around magical human


beauty blogger e-girl influencer make up model lingerie selfie
- Rachel Tee Tyler, colorful beauty influencer and e-girl extraordinaire


stylist creative director influencer model fashion lingerie
- Andria Aletrari, iconic stylist / creative director, and maximalist fashion muse


fashion influencer lauren johnson discodaydream model lingerie mother
- Lauren Johnson, modern chic fashion influencer and gorgeous mama of 2


stella simona haati chai lingerie model beauty influencer skincare
- Stella Simona, Haati Chai mastermind, luxury beauty influencer and divine mama of 2


Big love and thanks to these amazing women for repping and supporting our independent lingerie brand!
Keep an eye out for our upcoming NUE OCÉANE collabs, with some more truly inspiring muses!